Ironman Run

We have an amazing opportunity coming up on Sunday, November 20 in Tempe at the Ironman race. Currently, we are looking for volunteers to hand out drinks and snacks to athletes during the marathon portion of the race. It is a great experience and opportunity to earn service hours! Additionally, we will be earning a one thousand dollar grant to be used towards our district's activities.


To register, click the button below, and click register now on the registration page. Then scroll down until you find Run Aid Station #2, and select either the 4:00-7:00 pm or 7:00-10:00 pm (which will end closer to 9:30) shift. We recommend doing both shifts if possible but whatever help we can get is greatly appreciated. Continue by selecting your shift(s) and clicking register now at the bottom of the screen. Proceed by entering your email to sign in and then enter registrant information. Also, feel free to register friends and family who would like to volunteer as well!

Feel free to email our Run Aid Station Captain Paul Johnson at with any questions. 

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