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AZ Interact Ambassadors to Kenya- Day 6

Day 6 for the Interact Ambassadors was diverse and rewarding in so many ways. In their distribution of equipment in the villages they encountered a woman who had become a polio victim at age four that crippled her and prevented her from using her legs. For the past 41 years she has been crawling — the only way she can get anywhere, and had become a social outcast. But our Interact Ambassadors came to her rescue, selected and brought a wheelchair to her. As soon as she was helped into that wheelchair, and photographed with our team, having been given the life-changing gift of mobility, she sped off in her new wheelchair. The day included fitting more people with crutches, leg braces, walkers and wheelchairs. The team also visited two single-bed hospitals in the area that treat everything from broken legs to HIV patients with only a single bed and limited equipment. Again our team responded andgladly provided the happy doctor with crutches for his patients. Returning to Trinity Mission School, our Interactors met with the TMS Interact Club, with Bridget as co-presider of the meeting. Meals at TMS are only occasionally able to include meat, and that is usually roasted goat. On Day 6 our team members were given the opportunity to taste goat meat for the first time.

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