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Experiencing Africa

Day 5

On their second full day in Africa, the team headed to GilGil to visit a Maasai village. There they brought dresses and shirts as gifts. After meeting the Elder and passing out the gifts the team then embarked on a Maasai water walk, this walk is a daily walk that the women do to get water.

After the walk, they headed to Elementaita Lake to watch the flamingo migration. After, they headed into town to get a late lunch and play darts and pool with some of the Rotarians and Rotaractors. Two of the members, Cassidy and Lauren, had the chance to walk by Naivasha lake, where they saw giraffes, zebras, and the tops of hippos. After dinner the team and their new friends danced the night away again. The team had an amazing day filled with tons of cultural experiences and are excited to resume distributions tomorrow!


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