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Awards granted by the Interact District recognize the International and statewide community service and dedication of a club's interactors.


By applying for awards, you can help encourage and appreciate your members' hard work while being recognized by the entire district!​ Clubs that adopt the goal of earning these awards have automatically embraced a pathway to a successful year for their clubs. Even by just working towards awards, your club can become better in direct relation to the effort you expend in achieving club recognition.

Aiming at nothing always produces nothing but frustration and loss of members.

If you have any questions or concerns about completing the requirements, contact your Assistant District Governor.

Clubs of Distinction



To be awarded the 'Clubs of Distinction' or 'Clubs of Outstanding Distinction' your Interact Club must:


  • Participate in statewide service projects

  • Hold community service projects outside of district signature events

  • Complete 2-3 tasks towards the Rotary Citation

  • Communicate with high school specific assistant governors

  • Implement effective club organization

  • Participate in the District Video Contest

  • Worked towards their club's public 

  • Email forms to by February 1, 2024.

Rotary Citation


To be awarded the 'Rotary Citation', your Interact Club must achieve goals that:


  • support and strengthen clubs

  • focus and increase humanitarian service

  • enhance public image and awareness

  • explore and present scholarship opportunities to your club

  • submit a video to the District Video Contest

  • initiate or continue leadership development to enhance members' leadership skills


  • Peace and conflict prevention/resolution

  • Disease prevention and treatment

  • Water and sanitation

  • Maternal and child health

  • Basic education and literacy

  • Economic and community development

  • Protecting the environment

To qualify for the 'Clubs of Distinction' and/or 'Rotary Citation', your club must complete a service event in one of these seven areas of focus. 

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