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Non Profit Blood Provider Organization

Your Interact Club has the opportunity to make a difference by hosting a Virtual Blood Drive! Recruit donors from anywhere using the personal link that will be given to your club after signing up! By joining Vitalant, your club will be able to decrease the blood shortage in Arizona and provide for those in need! 




1. Your Interact Club will sign up using the link here. After filling out the google form, your club will be provided with a personal link. 

2. Your Club will then recruit donors. 

3. Your donor's will register using the link you are provided with (They will use their email addresses in this step). 

4. Your donor will then be able to schedule their appointment based off their location by using their zip code. 

5. The donors will be tracked through your personal link so your club can be entered in a competition with other clubs in our district. 


Your personal link will be used to track the amount of completed donations done by your club. 

After signing up, your club will be entered in a Interact District 5495 Competition. The club that has the MOST blood donations completed will receive FREE REGISTRATION for our Interact District Conference on February 26th, 2022, at Centennial High School. 

Registration is usually $30 per member. 


November 24th -
January 7th

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