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Interact District Conference

check back in January 2025 to REGISTer FOR THE next INTERACT DISTRICT CONFERENCE!

What is it?

An opportunity to meet other Interactors from across Arizona! Join us to put your leadership skills to the test, hear from mentors that helped our Ambassadors to Kenya/Mexico make change, and to build long lasting connections! This year's conference is led by District Governor Kassandra Macias, Executive Assistant Governor Natalie Pacheco, and District Secretary Hannah Lewis.



Saturday February 24th, 2024


Location: Boulder Creek High School

What will be doing?

Interactors from across Arizona will be given the opportunity to participate in some of our signature projects and see their impact first hand. Everyone will also travel through several breakout rooms that focus on various areas of service and acts of kindness. We will have several esteemed guest speakers as well. More details to come soon! 

Our award winners will be announced on this day along with our new ambassador teams to Kenya and Mexico. Join us! 

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