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Interact District Conference

Registration is now closed. We can't wait to see everyone!

What is it?

An opportunity to meet other Interactors from across Arizona. Join us to put your leadership skills to the test, hear from mentors that helped our Ambassadors to Kenya/Mexico make change, and to build long lasting connections! This year's conference is led by District Governor, Brianna Rodriguez, Executive Assistant Governor, Jackson Hamblin, and District Secretary, Delia Schmidt.



February 26th, 2022


Centennial High School

What will be doing?

Interactors from across Arizona will be given the opportunity to participate in our signature Crutches for Africa project and see their impact first hand. Everyone will also travel through three breakout rooms that focus on making cards for essential workers, assembling bracelets for our new Philippines Project, and creating positive clothespins to spread kindness. We will have DG Bret McKeand as a special guest along with two speakers, David Talbot and Erik Friend, two influential people that aid in our C4A project. 

Our award winners will be announced during this day along with our new ambassador teams to Kenya and Mexico. Join us! 

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