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AZ Interact Ambassadors to Kenya- Day 7

Day 7 for the Ambassadors team began with the usual van pickup at Trinity Mission School, before they made the trip to the town of Naivasha, where they visited a public hospital there. The photo of the physical therapy room reveals the minimal amount of equipment the hospital staff has to work with. The photo of the “wheelchair” currently being used by the hospital emphasize the enormous need for the mobility devices our Arizona Interact Clubs have been collecting — and will continue to collect this next year. The ravages of the crippling disease of polio, that Rotarians have been working so hard to eradicate from the face of the earth, are so apparent and prevalent in Kenya. Although the spread of the disease has been stopped here, those crippled by it before the life-saving vaccine could reach them are among those most in need of the crutches, walkers, wheelchairs and other devices being delivered by our Interact Ambassadors team. While there at the hospital our team fitted a number of patients with crutches, and they left a large supply of mobility devices with the hospital. And then it was time for a well-deserved R&R break at a Naivasha restaurant, where they could order familiar food, including burgers, fries and quesadillas. To say the guys were hungry would be a gross understatement! Everyone was even able to order a milkshake, and to pick up some candy bars, before the van headed back to Gilgil and the Trinity Mission School. While in Naivasha our team also met with members of the Naivasha Rotary and Rotaract Clubs, and found them eager to partner with us on projects.

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