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AZ Interact Ambassadors to Kenya- Day 8

Having received some additional photos of our Interact Ambassadors team participating in a Maasai water walk, here is a little more information about the Maasai people. They are a tribe of people inhabiting southern Kenya and northern Tanzania. They are known as tall and fierce warriors. They are easily recognized by the special piece of red cloth they wear, which is called a Shuka. The Maasai people live a nomadic life, moving from place to place as necessary to find water for them and their animals. They speak the Maa language, but are also educated in the official languages of Kenya and Tanzania, Swahili and English. The 2009 census in Kenya reported a Maasai population of 841,622.

Day 8 for our Interact Ambassadors began by participating with TMS Interact Club members in a joint project to paint part of the Trinity Mission School. Then the team returned to the clinic to deliver more mobility devices, before loading up the truck for their next trip to Naivasha. Elizaberth noted that a random meeting of Kenya Rotarians in a bar in Atlanta at the Rotary International Convention led to their setting up a distribution for our team. In addition, Facebook posts by Joseph, a member of the Gilgil Rotary Club were seen by a lady who needed a wheelchair for her daughter, as well as a replacement for her own. The power of Rotary and the media to connect Rotary and Interact resources with people with needs is truly amazing! Then it was back to the TMS for preparing dinner – by Dylan & Hazel’s team, under the guidance of cook Kathryn. Yes, Hazel, whose cooking prowess at home, according to her mother, has been limited to heating TV dinners, is learning to cook in Kenya!

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