• Crutches 4 Africa Team

Introducing the 2019 Crutches 4 Africa Ambassador Team!

The 5495 Interact District annually selects 4-6 amazing teenage Ambassadors to travel to Africa and distribute mobility devices! With the main aim of the district- signature project being to provide "free mobility to physically challenged Africans regardless of race, gender, tribe, religion or age", our ambassadors additionally carry homemade pillow case dresses and Water Pasteurization Indicators to distribute among villages.

The Origin of the Program

David Talbot, founder of “Crutches of Africa”, is a polio survivor himself. In his 2005 trip to Uganda, he realized that many other polio survivors, and the many other physically challenged residents, do not have access to mobility devices for basic transportation. Therefore, these outcasted individuals often substitute sharp tree branches, ragged wheel barrows, flip flops, and other makeshift items in place of safer mobility devices. Mobility not only grants these disabled Africans the basic necessity to walk, but it also equips them with the opportunity to contribute to their communities and become accepted within them. Acceptance through contribution is a crucial aspect of African culture.

Many current and more popular humanitarian efforts in Africa focus on the issue of unsafe water. Understanding that the need for clean water is extremely important, Talbot argues that the need for mobility is even greater: it is impossible to even access clean water if you have no means to get to the well.

Introducing this Year’s Ambassadors!

This year's ambassadors, having undergone extensive interviews and training processes, are very excited to travel to Africa! All of the ambassadors are extremely dedicated Interact members, prepared to take their passion for local community service internationally. We are thrilled to introduce this year's team, who will be providing real-time updates throughout their trips on their progress through this blog! Hannah Mason (seen far right in the picture below) will be writing the daily published updates starting July 1st until July 17th.

- Asa Marette

Executive Assistant Governor 2019-20

Interact District 5495

Ambassador Bonding Retreat: Ambassadors (Left to Right): Sandra Franco, Matthew Syms, Kara Austin, Cassidy Johnson, Jaiden Gatson, Hannah Mason


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