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Hi! Let's Learn! 

Adding images and galleries: 

Click on the plus sign to the left of the screen. Choose "images" or "galleries". Pick a template and replace the images by clicking on it and selecting "Manage Media".


Buttons are SO important. You'll be using them to make documents look more attractive and to make navigating your website easier. 

Use the plus to find a button. Then click on the button to customize it. You can change the text/icon or use the paint brush icon to customize fonts, colors, etc. To add a link to your button, click on the chain icon.  

A new menu will pop up, providing you options. 

          Page: Directs you to another page on your website

          Web Address: A link outside your website (the registration for FLC/IDC)

          Document: PDFs/Docs you have saved to your website drive 


In the top left corner, it should say "Page: TEST PAGE". By clicking on this, a drop menu will appear where you can jump from page to page. 

To the left, the third option shows a paper sheet with lines on it. When you scroll over it, it reads "Pages & Menu". Click on it. You can scroll over each page. When your cursor is on a page, use the blue dots on the left to move the page up and down on your menu. It'll show in the order you placed on your website. 

To the right of each page in the menu, there are three dots. Click on them and you'll find several options. You can rename your page, duplicate it, etc. Most importantly, you can hide a page.

Hiding a page will hide the page from the public version of your website. This is useful when a page is out of date and you need to spend time updating it. The page will stay unviewable by the public until you choose to unhide it. 

Previewing and Publishing

Previewing: In the top right corner it says "Preview". By clicking on this you will be able to view the website as if you weren't editing it. You can use this feature to make sure your links work as well! 

Publishing: None of your edits will be visible to the public if you don't hit the publish button in the top right corner! Once you hit it, your entire website will be updated publicly. 

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